Day 1

Two Coasts launch a surprise attack to take the coast strip held by the Moonlit Empire to the north. The invading army is initially largely succesful but the front eventually comes to a standstill as Moonlit forces manage to secure some defensive lines. The successfulness of this first phase of the invasion was based on the amount of liver pate left in the pack in my fridge. Over 70% was left, resulting in a largely succesful invasion.

Dispute over fishing waters between Morevia and the Korokumese States leads to hostilites as Korokumese marines land on Morevian island, quickly capturing it. The fact that the Seattle Sounders started with the ball in their match against Portland decided the outcome in favour of Korokum.



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This is a blog where from time to time I'll try to post stuff I make. That being comic strips and maybe photos and other things. Inspired by SUPER MEGA COMICS.
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