Day 3

Two Coasts strategic failure seems inevitable, as Moonlit forces penetrate the border and march towards the capital. (Because of my french class today being shit)

A high ranking officer of the Armpit Empire is assasinated by a terrorist group from Dandy Dominion. The Empire responds by invading, quickly taking control of most of the Dominion and beseiging the capital. The Pantaloon Republic considers the invasion illegal and declares war against the Armpit Empire. Supporting troups from the Republic Army arrives in the beseiged city shortly after. (War declared because my pizza was done on an odd number minute)



Day 2

Two Coast sees slight territorial gains on the Western Front but is pushed back to the East by Moonlit counter offensive(based on football team Odense losing 2-1 against Aarhus). The war wages on.

risk map coloured

Day 1

Two Coasts launch a surprise attack to take the coast strip held by the Moonlit Empire to the north. The invading army is initially largely succesful but the front eventually comes to a standstill as Moonlit forces manage to secure some defensive lines. The successfulness of this first phase of the invasion was based on the amount of liver pate left in the pack in my fridge. Over 70% was left, resulting in a largely succesful invasion.

Dispute over fishing waters between Morevia and the Korokumese States leads to hostilites as Korokumese marines land on Morevian island, quickly capturing it. The fact that the Seattle Sounders started with the ball in their match against Portland decided the outcome in favour of Korokum.


Random Risk Map Game

Beginning today, the destiny of this fictional Risk style map will be decided by the everyday events of my life. I will ask a question and depending on the answer, something will happen. Here’s the initial map:





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